Welcome to Riad Emotion à Essaouira

Jean Paul Sartre said: “We call emotion a sudden drop of consciousness in the magical.” What is more beautiful than emotion? Breeze of the soul that wants sincere and expressive and does not deign to repressions lived, as cold as it can be.

Essaouira, the “well designed”, the beloved, the mysterious, Mogador city history, the city witnessed from time immemorial, snorts, shamelessly on the shores of the Atlantic. We must never think that we come here by chance.

Port city that was for centuries the encounter between Europe and the East, Essaouira is constantly reborn measurement generations and visitors who walk once, then return indefinitely on his trail. Crossed by the winds, protected by walls, by the clear starry streets of the inner Medina, the city encircle without stifling, no obligation guide to passing on his way, and sometimes to his fate.

We are all born in this city, far from the concrete streets and bustle in our daily which had faded. We walked, unknowingly to the serene harmony, hand in hand. Only Essaouira predestined. Bab el Menzeh, South Gate, Bab Doukala, north gate, the doors we open without a key from one end to the other of the Medina, made our project a “mektoube.” In any other place, Gisèle-Philippe had been a couple unites. Here we are one and the same forever.

Riad Emotion is the dome of a resurrection every visitor, traveler and dreamer will leave again to live, draw, according to his desire, balance, peaceful silence and smooth movement. Destiny is never a chance, and this XVIIIth century, had, as we met her destiny. Riad Emotion with its upgraded architecture is now a place of harmony and renewal, like the light of our love story.

The riad in Essaouira

Come relax in the riad Emotions, or energy, peace and serenity will make your stay unforgettable.

Come share in the heart of Essaouira’s medina, a room where the magic of growing Souiri you into another time, away from your daily concerns.

The guest bedrooms

Elegance, charm and refinement will be distilled according to our suites called Mogador Argan Tuya, Easterly or Gnaoua. They offer you the magic of the journey through the five pillars of Souiris culture.

They all have a comfort with international standards, with the quality of the famous Moroccan hospitality.

Locate us in the medina

Since 2001, Heritage, Essaouira remains an exceptional size for its beauty and the extraordinary energy it abounds.

It is well situated, just a 3 hours from major European megacities, served by six weekly air services, only 15 minutes from the airport. Marrakech Agadir 180 km.